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This is my iPhone case. Booohhhrring. I got the iPhone 4S a few weeks ago and the battery gets eaten ALIVE every day and I had this Mophie case that has an extra battery back on the bottom (for when I’m out working on projects that require constant phone action and no time to charge the phone). It’s ugly. It’s huge - someone even asked me with a puzzled look on their face “What kind of phone is that?” IT’S AN iPHONE, you hipster. Can I just say though that the Mophie actually is awesome and I really like the case and the extra battery life.  If you’re constantly frustrated by your dying telephone, this might be the case for you! 

DSC 0003

So yes, the battery pack is essential to my life. But the case is still ugly. It desperately needed some personality. So I figured I would dress it up with washi tape. Because, why not, really! I have all this washi tape and not enough reasons to use it :) So here are the colour combinations I considered - teal and white flowers with grey stick that have lavender squares on them OR floating hearts and clouds with bright blue flowers in a sea of pink. I also had this pack of washi tape stickers that looked like they might be about the right length - I pulled them out in case getting a perfect trim on the tape was going to be hard. 

DSC 0004

DSC 0007

I choose the brighter, more springtime flare! Hearts and clouds and flowers and fuchsia, right? Right. 

DSC 0006

So after that, it was shockingly simple. I just laid out pieces of the tape on the back of the case and let it overlap the sides a little. I knew I would work on the perfect cut later. What helped was the case had ridges along the sides, so I could make a smooth seam with my fingernail and really secure the tape the phone. 

DSC 0008

DSC 0010

As soon as I had the whole thing covered, I took an extra knife and gently cut the tape along the seam. I wasn’t really concerned about damaging the case, because what phone case isn’t trashed anyways, and also you’d have to be pretty ruthless to really damage it. So I sliced carefully along the seam, the only difficulty really was putting so much pressure on it that the tape tore. But I got away basically scott-free on that. 

Two more small challenges that proved to not really be that challenging are both that the bottom part comes off (because that’s the extra battery pack that maybe you don’t always want to have on the phone) and the hole for the camera is round. But once again, there were small ridges that I was able to use as a guide when I was making my cuts, giving me PERFET precision. 

DSC 0013

A challenge I decided NOT to take on was trying to tape the very bottom and the very top. I realize that would give it the total pro, ridiculous beyond awesome look but at the same time, it’s hard to fold tape over rounded edges and it didn’t have the ridges that gave me the nice seams so I left them white. 

DSC 0017

DSC 0016

VOILA! Now we just wait and see how long the washi tape lasts on the back of the phone before it starts peeling off. Sweaty hands, being thrown in my purse and wear and tear, I am guess it will last 3 weeks to a month. BUT that’s not a bad thing, because this was so easy that it gives me an excuse to change it up seasonally without having to buy a whole new phone case. Barf on that.  IF you wanted this to last way way longer, you could Mod Podge it. You could actually just Mod Podge it anyways, to harden it, because you could probably still peel it off the plastic later. So maybe add that step - Mod Podge!  (I will do that later as I am out of MP).  

As you can also see, the corners have some ripples but I don’t mind. Some people mind, and what you could do to avoid that is make slits in the tape to lay them flat. That is beyond way too much for me. 

DSC 0015 

DSC 0014

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