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Just when I wrote that I had no time to read, here I am, powering through this book in 2 days…

I powered through Hymn of the Tiger Mother in two days. What a fascinating read!

So for me it was interesting, because I am pretty open to most cultural differences. Although The Cpt and I both come from similar Western cultures (middle class, Caucasian, children of baby boomers, small business owners), even our own sub-cultures within that are surprisingly different. It takes all kinds to make the world.

So I wasn’t particularly offended by Amy Chua’s method of parenting as described in this self parody memoire - infact, I was a little in awe of it and I could see her point of view and I could even see where her hard a** style is really what Western culture needs MORE of today.

That being said - I was mainly shocked by how much energy it must take for her to parent like that. To sit and argue and try and force her kids to practice whatever for 2, 4, 6 hours. It would be EXHAUSTING. I mean, seriously - half the time, I am exhausted battling to get the cats off the kitchen counter and that battle usually just tossing the cats on the floor 4 times before they sulk away.

All in all, I thought this book was really well written and so so interesting - I only hope that as a parent, whatever my parenting style is, that I have half as much energy to put into my children’s wellbeing and future.