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This year, The Cpt and I started a new tradition. It’s a simple tradition. And it’s a tradition for grownups. We call it our Christmas Cocktail Tree. We dress up this little tree like a cocktail.

The idea was I think unknowingly inspired by Robbob, who made a casual joke about a gin and tonic tree when we were in Palm Springs, but little did she know how I filed that little nugget in the bank.

So VOILA! Our first every Christmas Cocktail Tree. The decor is a little sparse, but that’s okay. It had about three more lemons at the top, but the cats have claimed those as kills and hidden them somewhere in the house, most likely under our new cowhide rug.

I dried the lemons myself, putting them in the oven for 4 hours at 170 and flipping theme very 45 minutes. It wasn’t until after I did this that The Cpt and I got into a debate whether you put a lemon or a lime in a gin and tonic. I clearly thought lemon - he thought lime. MOOT. We tried to attach the little gin bottles to hooks but they were too heavy. So the bottles clearly have to be empty to hang them, but that’s okay too. We lined them up like little gifties instead - I might put little ribbons on the necks still, but who knows.

So happy with this special new tradition - cheers to The Cpt and I, and cheers to Robbob for the great idea :)

  1. kristayyc said: This is genius. I really struggled with whether to even put up a real tree this year; this is what I should’ve done!!
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